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Somatic Massage is a specialized offering that combines somatic experiencing and therapeutic massage to provide support for individuals with various body concerns, including chronic pain and burnout. This session aims to assist in enhancing the capacity and resilience of your nervous system, promoting body awareness, and fostering a deeper understanding and trust in your body. Jess creates a secure and nurturing environment, using a slow and gentle approach that invites you to connect with your body and encourages you to notice sensations, feelings, and areas of tension. By working with the nervous system, the goal is to create opportunities for increased awareness & understanding of our systems and moving towards a greater sense of comfort and ease. Throughout the session, you are guided to explore what feels accessible to pay attention to within yournervous system. through this process opportunities are created for you to notice your body and nervous system as it responds to touch and pressure. Understanding that body discomfort can be a complex and multifaceted experience, Jess approaches each session with sensitivity, compassion and informed and ongoing consent. They are also willing to provide resources on self-care and body awareness.

What is Somatics?

Somatics is a holistic approach to healing and well-being that emphasizes the mind-body connection. It involves exploring and experiencing the sensations, emotions, and patterns within the body to promote supportive evolution through the integration of stress response patterns, increased self-awareness, and increased capacity to stay connected to the present moment. 

This approach enables the processing of stress that might not be accessible via explicit memory or narrative. It allows for the reprocessing and transformation of stressful patterns that may have become ingrained in our nervous system when we didn't have agency and autonomy over our own bodies. By doing so, it facilitates the creation of more accurate and updated narratives and perceptions that promote our empowerment and a sense of well-being. 

By honing our ability to listen to our bodies and becoming more
familiar with the patterns of our nervous system from a felt sense
(interoceptive perspective), we can develop a more intuitive and
refined skill to navigate from a deeper self-awareness and compassion. This empowers us to proactively change our patterns and work towards preventing undesirable outcomes by becoming familiar with our body's way of communicating. Moreover, it helps us acknowledge the various facets of our sense of self that may hold conflicting viewpoints and narratives. It allows us to navigate and honour our needs more accurately and fluidly.

Somatics recognizes that our physical, emotional, and psychological experiences are interconnected and that unresolved trauma or stress can manifest in the body as pain, discomfort, or restricted movement. By engaging with the body's wisdom and innate healing capacity, somatics offers a pathway for individuals to reconnect with themselves, release stored tension, and foster greater self-regulation.

Jess integrates different elements of her training in Somatic Experiencing in her bodywork & massage treatments. Depending on her client's goals and desires, she is able to bring techniques and practices to support a deeper sense of embodiment and somatic awareness. 

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